NGSBA Archaeology Journal

ISSN 2227-9008

NGSBA Archaeology is our platform for presenting the results of our fieldwork. The contents consist mainly of reports on salvage archaeology projects conducted by Y.G. Archaeology under NGSBA oversight. But from time to time reports of our community archaeology and research projects will also be published. We will also accept field reports of projects executed by other organizations. The journal is peer reviewed, edited by David Ilan, the director of the NGSBA, and is overseen by a board of editors. It will appear more or less annually—depending on the quantity of material available for publication—in print and digital form. The digital version can be downloaded from our website for free.

NGSBA Archaeology JournalVolume 3 (2015)

NGSBA2cover Volume 2 (2013)

NGSBA Archaeology JournalVolume 1 (2012)