Archaeology links

What follows is an annotated list of links to websites of institutions and organizations that specialize in the archaeology of Israel and the ancient Levant. This list is not complete—rather it is designed to lead you to the large, inclusive sites that will be useful and direct you to other sites. We have not elected to include specific excavation websites—these are often found within the institutional websites.



A number of Powerpoint presentations have been posted here for educational use.  They are mainly end-of-semester projects put together by HUC grad students for Dr. David Ilan's course The Archaeology of the Holy Land. 

Byzantine Jerusalem (Carl Pace)
Powerpoint presentation 5.8 Mb

Crusader Jerusalem (Russ Mack) 
Powerpoint presentation 5.6 Mb

Water in Jerusalem (Tom Beyl)
Powerpoint presentation 3.2 Mb

Jewish and Christian Relations in the Byzantine Period (James Pate) 
Powerpoint presentation 6.1 Mb