NGSBA Excavation Preliminary Reports

This is our electronic journal which reports the results of our excavations. Some reports concern our community work (Lod and Givat Sher), other reports deal with our research projects (Tel Dan, Tel Arad) and most reports deal with salvage work. The salvage excavations can also be found by site in the contract archaeology section and research excavations and community digs under the excavations tab.

NGSBA Archaeology Journal

ISSN 2227-9008

NGSBA Archaeology is our platform for presenting the results of our fieldwork. The contents consist mainly of reports on salvage archaeology projects conducted by Y.G. Archaeology under NGSBA oversight. But from time to time reports of our community archaeology and research projects will also be published. We will also accept field reports of projects executed by other organizations. The journal is peer-reviewed, edited by David Ilan, the director of the NGSBA, and is overseen by a board of editors. It will appear more or less annually—depending on the quantity of material available for publication—in print and digital form. The digital version can be downloaded from our website for free.

Volume 6 (2022)

Volume 5 (2020)

Volume 4 (2017)

Volume 3 (2015)

Volume 2 (2013)

Volume 1

Gezer Excavations

Gezer I:
Preliminary Report of the 1964–66 Seasons

W. G. Dever, H. D. Lance, G. Ernest Wright. (1970)
167 pages
ISBN 0-87820-300-1

$40.00 +postage

Gezer II:
Preliminary Report of the 1967–70 Seasons in Fields 1 and 2

W. G. Dever et al. (1974)
221 pages
ISBN 0-87820-302-8

out of print

Gezer III:
A Ceramic Typology of the Late Iron II, Persian and Hellenistic Periods at Tell Gezer

Seymour Gitin. (1990)
2 volumes, 618 pages
ISBN 965-222-202-x


Gezer IV:
The 1969–71 Seasons in Field VI, the “Acropolis.”

W.G. Dever. (1986)
2 volumes. 275 pages
ISBN 0-87820-304-4

$40.00 +postage

Gezer V:
The Field I Caves

Joe D. Seger. (1988)
170 pages
ISBN 0-87820-305-2


Gezer VI:
The Objects from Phases I and II

Garth Gilmour (2014)
407 pages
ISBN 978-1-57506-312-6

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Gezer VII:
The Middle Bronze Age and Later Fortifications in Fields II, IV, and VIII

Joe D. Seger. (2013)
411 pages and DVD with field photos and plans
ISBN 978-1-57506-268-6

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Tel Dan Excavations

25 years DanDan: 25 Years of Excavations

A. Biran (1992, Hebrew).
266 pages.

$17.00 + postage

biblical-danBiblical Dan

A. Biran. (1994).
280 pages.

$32.00 + postage


Dan I: A Chronicle of the Excavations, the Pottery Neolithic, the Early Bronze Age, and the Middle Bronze Age Tombs

A. Biran, D. Ilan, and R. Greenberg. (1996).
329 pages.

$52.00 + postage


Dan II: A Chronicle of the Excavations and the Late Bronze Age “Mycenaean Tomb”

A. Biran and R. Ben-Dov. (2002).
249 pages.

$48.00 + postage


Dan III: The Late Bronze Age

R. Ben-Dov. (2011).
393 pages.

$65.00 + postage

Dan IV: The Iron Age I Settlement

David Ilan. (2019)
646 pages.

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Other Publications


Tel ‘Aroer: The Iron Age Caravan Town and the Hellenistic-Early Roman Settlement – The Avraham Biran (1975-1982) and Rudolf Cohen (1975-1976) Excavations.

Yifat Thareani. (2011)
2 volumes (text and plates). Pp. xxvi + 470; 324 figures, 12 color plates, 74 tables, 4 graphs, 5 appendices, 1 CD
ISBN: 978-0-87820-310-9

$95.00 + postage
2.88 kg. = 6.35 lbs.

A manual of field excavation

A Manual of Field Excavation

W. G. Dever and H. D. Lance, eds. (1978)
240 pages

$20.00 paper (out of print)


Temples and High Places in Biblical Times

ed. A. Biran, Jerusalem (1981)

out of print

Excavations at Maresha Subterranean Complex 169, Final Report,
Seasons 2000-2016.

Ian Stern. (2019)

407 pages.

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Selected articles by NGSBA researchers about NGSBA projects

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Ben-Dov, Rachel

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Hershkovitz, Malka

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Ilan, David

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Pakman, Dalia

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Kaniewski, N. Marriner, D. Ilan, C. Morhange, Y. Thareani, and E. Van Campo