Tsur Natan

In 2011 Y.G. Contract Archaeology was contracted to excavate and record a large area of ancient stone quarries on this hilltop site overlooking the central Coastal Plain of Israel. Directed by Conn Herriott, the project was carried out by a mixed team of archaeologists, Hebrew University of Jerusalem archaeology students, and Bedouin workers.

Previous archaeological investigations at Tsur Natan had revealed a variety of prehistoric and later remains. The nari stone quarries which the current project focused on dated mostly to the Byzantine period, when the settlement of Antesion – and associated farms – occupied much of this hilltop.

In one of the quarries (F12) we found a tomb which dated to the Iron Age II. At least seven individuals were interred here, along with a rich array of burial gifts – scarabs, beads, shells, bracelets, other metal objects and pottery vessels.

Tsur Natan Final Report:

 Chapter 1 – Site Introduction

 Chapter 2 – Tomb Introduction

 Chapter 3 – Human Remains from the Tomb

 Chapter 4 – Ceramics from the Tomb

 Chapter 5 – Glyptics from the Tomb

 Chapter 6 – Beads from the Tomb

 Chapter 7 – Metal Objects from the Tomb

 Chapter 8 – Tomb Discussion

 Chapter 9 – Features relating to Wine, Oil and Food

 Chapter 10 – The Quarry (Quarry Plans)

 Chapter 11 – Post-Quarry Activity